04 january 2019

Мы продлеваем льготную оплату на участие в олимпиаде г. Астана

По многочисленным просьбам наших франчайзи, мы продлеваем льготную оплату на участие в олимпиаде г. Астана до 20 января 2019 года. С новым годом, Международная Школа ISMA!

01 january 2018

ISMA Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2018

March 24, 2018 ISMA International School will hold the ISMA Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2018!

18 december 2017

ISMA Ist Country Mental Arithmetic Olympiad in Kyrgyzstan

The 1st Country Mental Arithmetic Olympiad among ISMA centers in Kyrgyzstan was held in Bishkek on December 17, 2017!

18 january 2017

06 april 2016

The II City Olympiad

The II City Olympiad in mental arithmetic took place on 19 March 2016 at the Private School of Phisycs and Mathematics Tamos Education.

05 april 2016

We have a new website

We have launched a new website. Now you'll always be able to find out any information at any time

03 april 2016

Why mental arithmetic is the best exercise for a brain?

Before we talk about the benefits of mental arithmetic, let's see what's inside the human brain, and what physiological actions in it are the result of various external influences.

02 april 2016

Scientific research on mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic is a system that allows to make quick and accurate arithmetic calculations using imagined Abacus (old computational tool) in the mind

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