Our mission

A great desire to contribute to the development of children's intellectual potential of Kazakhstan was the reason for the creation of school «ISMA». The founder of our school has developed the author's innovative methods of teaching mental arithmetic. This program is harmoniously combined the millennial knowledge, practical experience at Abacus with modern knowledge of international schools. Our goal is to unleash the potential and uniqueness of each child that will contribute to its further assistance in the development of the country and even around the world.

Our task

The main priority of «ISMA» school in teaching children the mental arithmetic is the development of creative thinking in the young generation. With the help of our training program, your child will learn to use both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. For example, keep in mind Abacus with the help of imagination and perform arithmetic calculations using logical thinking. With these skills your child easier navigate in unusual situations, while remaining the best. Will gain confidence and be able to always find the right solution to any question.

Our values

Individual approach. The child is a personality. With each person we work individually.

The quality of education. Great results are an excellent indicator of the quality of our training.

Professionalism. Due to the high professionalism of teachers, our students achieve high levels of performance.

Development. The training program in our school is constantly improving. Grow with us

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